Step 1 : Choose your sneakers

Choose between Nike Air Force 1, Jordan 1 mid or low, and many more...

Step 2 : Choose your theme

Pass on your ideas with photos and we will prepare a digital design ( cost 20 euro's ) for you, this way you already get an idea of the end result on the sneakers.

You can also send in your own design and photo's, this way you don't need to pay the cost for the design.


Finished customs ( outside )

Finished customs ( inside )

Step 3 : Contact me now for your own customs

Step 4 : Pay your advance to start





Perfect! We have received your photos and ideas well and are starting to work on your design. Further communication takes place via e-mail until the design is completely to your liking.
Place this digital design in your shopping cart and complete the payment to get started. This will be deducted from the invoice with your order.

You can pay with: