Welcome to Leroydesign
Hello ! How nice of you to come and take a look.
So I would like to introduce myself here.
My name is Kelly Leroy and I am the idea behind LEROYDESIGN.

I studied illustration and graphic design from which I also obtained my diploma in 2010.
Engrossed in paint and canvases, art became an active hobby.
After years of painting I decided to continue from my hobby, which has always been my dream job.
On Etsy I had opened an online webshop of these paintings. I had sold a few of these, but I felt that this had a very difficult audience.

Then came the golden opportunity!
A friend of mine sent me white Jordans (model 1 mid) to my house and says "you can paint really well, I want this design on those sneakers".
This friend convinced me as you would have thought and now half a year later this is the most chosen product at LEROYDESIGN.

On top of that, LEROYDESIGN is also expanding rapidly.
With every month more choice of sneaker designs for men and women.
Thank you for your visit and be sure to take a look at the webshop.

This trend is well known in the US and is coming to Belgium!
As an artist I love customized sneakers, especially my favorite Nike sneakers.
I want to give everyone the opportunity to wear their favorite designs!
Is it your favorite football club? Like the Antwerp Bosuil sneakers? Or your favorite country?
At LEROYDESIGN we bring your imagination to life.
You can choose between different models such as Air Jordans or Nike Air Force 1 and many more.
Follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok to track my progress.